About Us!

Wood Turning Blanks 4 U is a small family owned business located in Bradenton, FL. We can supply you with affordable quality woodturning blanks.

We acquire our wood in log form. The logs come from loggers or tree companies in the south eastern states. Our main source is recovered wood; wood that would otherwise end up in landfills. These trees have fallen due to storms, wind damage or just old age. We also recover trees from land development. We travel to several locations to pick the best logs possible. After returning to our shop in central Florida, the logs are sealed on the ends, stored off the ground in a cool dry location until needed.

They are cut on our Wood-Mizer sawmill to the desired thickness. Now, in lumber form, the wood is moved into the shop where we cut it into wood turning bowl blanks, spindle blanks or pen blanks. The blanks are then dipped in hot wax to slow or prevent drying.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. To set up a convenient time, email: steve@woodturningblanks4u.com or call 941-746-8695.

Our Guarantee

We want our customers to be satisfied with their order. Please let us know about any problems.

Because wood is a natural product, there will be variations from one piece to another. The woodturning blanks may have spalting, knots, worm holes, sapwood and irregular grain. These differences make for a one of a kind finished item. The blanks can be used for a variety of projects, if it won’t work for one, try using it for a different project.

We will refund or replace the blank when we receive your returned item. The blanks must be postmarked for return within 15 days of receiving your original order. Do not return blanks that have been altered in any way. It is your responsibility to properly package and pay return shipping.


We have a minimum order fee of $20 for the turning blanks. If you only order $16 of wood, the difference of $4 will be added to equal the $20. The shipping fee is the amount that UPS charges. There is a minimum shipping fee charged by most shipping companies. When placing an order keep this in mind as you may be able to order additional pieces at little or no extra shipping charge.

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