Spindle Blanks - Large variety of pre-cut sizes for your woodturning projects!

pen blanks

We offer a variety of
pre-cut spindle blanks.
Our smallest is our
pen turning blank: ¾” x ¾”x 5”.

When spindle turning, the piece is fixed between the centers of the lathe and the grain is running parallel to its axis.

These woodturning blanks have endless project uses:

spindle blanks

rolling pins,
and wine stoppers...

Pens, Christmas ornaments, vases...

Egg-a-scopes, kaleidoscopes...

...and larger items such as finials, balusters, chair legs and stool legs, etc.

Most of our customers purchase these woodturning blanks in the square size they need but in a length to make several items. Our blanks are supplied in a variety of turning woods.

Our woodturning blanks are green wood unless otherwise stated. They are sealed in wax to slow or prevent drying.

spindle blanks

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