Woodturning News! We just finished milling Indian Rosewood. We are in the process of turning the slabs into blanks. For those of you who like to turn vases, urns and utensil holders, we've just added tall blanks of Indian Rosewood, Camphor and Eastern Red Cedar. We've milled the Ambrosia Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry logs which we bought on our last logging trip. The Ambrosia Maple logs were large, so we were able to cut some 16" bowl blanks.

Check out our popular Norfolk Island pine blanks. Steve made this beautiful closed form which is one of my very favorite pieces.

Norfolk Island Pine

We just finished cutting our very popular Norfolk Island pine. The sizes run from 4" to 15 diameter". The large sizes sell out quickly.

Cadaghi Eucalyptus is now on our site. This is the first time that we've had this wood. Unfortunately, we only have the small amount that are shown on the site and no more logs of it. It's a great turning wood!

camphor wood

A developer was clearing a large tract of land with many Camphor trees on it. The tree shown above is large but not the largest on the property. The largest one measured 27 feet around! Sad to see so many beautiful trees being cut down and chipped up. Luckily for us, we were able to get a couple loads before they hit the chipper. Since we were able to get a good deal on these logs, we have passed on the lower prices to you.

camphor wood

This is a beautiful figured Camphor chip and dip platter that Steve just finished.

We have put our 4x2 and 4x3 Indian Rosewood on sale due to overstock. Take advantage while supplies last. Also on sale are 2x2x10, 2x2x12 and 2x2x14 Cherry spindle blanks.

Camphor logs, so large and heavy that the tractor didn't want to pick them up!

Camphor wood

Steve is pondering the best way to cut this crotch piece; hoping for some nicely figured wood.

Camphor wood

We are carrying some favorite woodturning supplies: Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer End Grain Sealer and Odies Butter.


A Rosewood log is pictured above during the milling.

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