Woodturning Bowl Blanks - Variety, Variety, Variety. The very best wood turning bowl blanks just for you.

Why round woodturning bowl blanks?

We take the extra time to round out our bowl turning blanks for two reasons. First, our customer pays less in shipping fees, second, ease of use. As a wood turner, I can tell you that it is much quicker and easier to start from a round blank than with a chainsawed section of log with the corners still on it.

You can use these wood turning bowl blanks for a variety of projects:

cherry bowls

Turned wooden bowls, platters, candle holders, oil lamps...

Here is a photo of three nesting natural edge Cherry bowls made from one blank.

What does this mean for you?

Bowl Coring

Coring a blank allows you to get many beautiful projects from one blank…saves wood, saves money!

For instructions on how to mark and core wood blanks, see more in Woodturning Ideas and Tips.

This blank is marked to core 5 bowls from one blank.

Norfolk Island Pine

Closed forms, hollow forms, wood vases and urns are all made from bowl blanks.

We offer a selection of diameters from 4” to 16” (if the beginning log diameter will permit blanks that large) in various heights and wood types

norfolk island pine

Note how beautiful the added turquoise crushed stone powder in these pieces accents the Norfolk Island Pine.

Go to Woodturning Ideas and Tips for information
on ways to use the different inlays.

Our woodturning bowl blanks are green wood unless otherwise stated. They are sealed in wax to slow or prevent drying. When you receive your bowl turning blanks, you can rough turn your item to speed the drying process. See our article on green wood bowl turning in Woodturning Ideas and Tips. To see more finished items, please visit the Gallery.

woodturning blanks

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