Monkey Pod Woodturning Blanks !

monkey pod wood

monkey pod wood

The beauty of Monkey Pod turning wood can be seen in this bowl that I made.

Monkey Pod's heartwood is golden-brown to dark brown in color. The sapwood is cream in color and is distinct from the heartwood. The sapwood can have black line spalting. Many blanks will have both heartwood and sapwood for a unique look. Wood vessels contain shiny, brown deposits. The grain is wavy, often interlocked. This turning wood is considered easy to work, particularly because low shrinkage during drying allows it to be easily machined while green. Woodturning items made from this green wood can be dried without serious drying degrade.

The Hawaiian common name, Monkey Pod is used here. Raintree and Saman are the names used throughout Latin America. It is called Mimosa in the Philippines.

Our woodturning bowl blanks and spindle blanks are green wood. They are sealed in wax to slow or prevent drying.

All Monkey Pod blanks are sold out.

monkey pod spindle blanks

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